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(Here’s how it all started)

I was born in Los Angeles 

My mother decided to leave the largest stage in the world when I was 3 years old to live in the smallest state in the country, Rhode Island.

I’m finally back in L.A. 30 years later to attend a business marketing seminar put on by a company called “New Peaks”.

As always, this company has an all-star lineup of guest speakers that I couldn’t wait to connect with, one of whom was Stedman Graham, famously known as the longtime boyfriend of the illustrious Oprah Winfrey.

I arrived in L.A. on a Friday, yet the event had started on  Monday and ended on Saturday with Stedman being the last guest speaker.

Being an author, meeting Oprah, the creme de la creme of book endorsers, would be a dream come true.

My “master plan” was to find a way to Stedman, network with him, and give him two copies of my book – one for him and one for Oprah (of course).

Can you blame me?

Maybe it wasn’t the most original plan, but I couldn’t think of  a better one for the life of me. However, little did I know that the Universe had a plan of it’s own.

But there was a glitch in my plan, a major one

My daughter called me to make sure I was going to be back home for her gymnastics competition, which was that SATURDAY! Uh ohh! This was a game changer.

I had a choice to make:

1. Fly back home early and miss the greatest opportunity I would ever get to meet someone who could directly connect me to the Queen herself, Oprah… or

2. Let down my daughter and not go to her event with the hopes that she would understand why I couldn’t make it to her competition.

So what do you think I did?

Exactly what I had to do…

I decided to take option #1 and fly back home early and miss the opportunity to meet Stedman so I can put a smile on my daughter’s face (of course).


It’s Saturday now and I’ve been in LA less than 24 hours and I can already feel the fluctuation of energies compared to being back home, and I love it!

There’s this je ne sais quoi I experience when I’m in California that words can’t explain. I’m more powerful, more energized, and more alive! It’s interesting because earlier that day I came across a quote on Instagram that read,

 “Environment is more important than willpower.”

Hmmm, this really caught my attention because I had always wondered why I never left Rhode Island to live in a more affluent place that complimented my career path as an author and entrepreneur.

This feeling I felt in California was so undeniable that I felt compelled to initiate a conversation with the Universe acknowledging the powerful intangible emotions I was experiencing.

I directly asked It, “Universe, if LA is where I belong, if LA is where I need to be, please give me and undeniable sign that I need to relocate here.”


I visited a friend’s house shortly after “the convo”, approximately 2 hours later, and I received a phone call at 5:30pm from another friend that I haven’t seen in a long time.

She invited me to this event and said I should go, the only problem was that event started in 2 hours (7:30pm-9:30pm). I already had plans but I told her I’d think about it, knowing that I most likely wouldn’t be able make it.

I asked her where the event was and she said, “it’s at this Church”. Now there’s nothing wrong with Church, but the venue choice didn’t add any extra motivation for me to change my Saturday night plans with my friends so I could go to church instead.

She then told me that the guy who contributed to the hit documentary, The Secret, was going to be there.

Now this was a person I definitely wanted to meet considering
I subtitled my book, “The Secrets behind The Secret.”

So I reconfirmed that I would try my best to make it. 8:00pm rolls around and I’m still running errands with my friend. 9:00pm rolls around and I just dropped off my buddy from a long day of running around L.A. visiting friends and family.

The event ended in 30 minutes and GPS said the place was 15 minutes away. My mind was speaking to me now saying “what’s the point to pay $75 for 15 minutes of an event that you really didn’t want to go in the first place?”

Yet my soul said otherwise, “just go!” So I did!


KD AUBERT "The Oprah Story" from Kurtis Thomas on Vimeo.



I pull up to the event, grab a book from inside my rental car and sign it for Michael with the hopes of connecting with him. I get inside the venue and find my friend right away. She was with one of her friends sitting down.

The service ended about 20 minutes after my arrival and I was on a mission to get this book in Michael’s hands to make sure I came here for a reason. I finally make my way through the crowd to the front of the room to give my book to Michael, who was only 10 feet away from me.

Right in the middle of my B line toward Michael a lady asked me, “can I help you Sir?” I told her that I was an author and that I wanted to gift Michel a copy of my book. She looked down at my book and back up at me, hesitated, then said, “That’s great! But you’re going to have to wait in line.” What Line? I replied. “The line behind you” she said.

I immediately turned around and see a line that’s wrapped around the entire perimeter of this giant building. Disappointed as can be, I look back at her with a weak smile and say, “ thank you mam”.

I headed back over to my friends and explain what happened. My friend who invited me to the event(Mena)), came with her friend. Her friend’s name was KD Aubert and she happened to be an actress in Hollywood who had been in a few funny movies such as “Friday after next” and “Soul Plane”. KD looked at me and said “No way, we’re gonna get this book to him, follow me!”

So I follow her and she brings me to another line where it looked like there were bouncers at the entrance redirecting people to the other line.

“Bouncers at church?” I said to myself. “Well, I am in Hollywood.”

She told one of them to get Micahel for her and they grabbed him right away.

He then came  floating over and I was immediately  introduced. I gave him the book and he began  flipping through it right away,  bouncing it up and down in his hands with his eyes closed like he was trying to determine the weight of the book.

He then looks at me and says, “this is a good book”. Now, if I wasn’t a reiki master and student of  energy healing, I would have said  to myself, “how in the world does this guy know if my book is good?

And what in the world is he smoking?”.

However, what he was doing was reading the energy that was coming off my book, he could feel it. He then turned to my new friend KD and in his soft spiritual voice asked her, “So are you coming to the services at Agape tomorrow?” She replied “yes”.

He then turned to me and said, “Are you coming to our services tomorrow as well?” I then replied, “I didn’t plan on it because I had other plans.”

He then looked very deeply into my eye, almost felt like he was looking into my soul, and said, “I think you should come to services tomorrow. We’re expecting a very special guest.” Now he kinda put me on the spot so I almost felt like I had to say yes at this point, which I did, and he said “Good, so I’ll see you tomorrow morning then!”

I haven’t been to church in years and I was being lured to church twice in two days, how interesting…


Sunday morning arrives and I have a list of things I have to do and people I need to see before the conference starts on Monday. I really didn’t feel like going to church, again.

But something told me “Just go”, so I listened to my intuition and put on a nice button-up dress shirt and these new fancy shoes I had just bought.

When I arrived there was a line outside the building with people waiting to get inside. It reminded me of a nightclub, I was surprised I didn’t get a stamp or bracelet before walking in.

The same friends from the night before met me there and we all sat down together. The energy in this church was very high and they had shamans, a high priest and priestess holding sacred space in the aisles praying the entire time.

I was quite impressed how smooth and well thought out their  spiritual practices were.

They definitely knew what they were doing and what it takes to hold such a high-vibrational and loving sacred space where all races and religions could feel welcomed.


The services began with an amazing guest musician who blew the socks off of the audience. Half way through his set Michael Beckwith asked that anyone who was new to Agape this Sunday to please stand up.

As I looked around to see who was standing up, both my friends were elbowing me in my side nodding me to stand up like, “that’s you!” Knowing they were right, I stood right up like I planned on standing up the entire time…

Then it happened!


All of a sudden I heard the entire crowd chanting, cheering, and clapping as soon as I stood up.

I was a little taken back, then all of a sudden I looked up at the jumbo screen and saw that they weren’t clapping for me at all (LOL). They were clapping for someone else.

Then I saw them, they were here! About twenty feet from where I was sitting was Oprah and Stedman who had both stood up at the same time  I did.

I guess it was Oprah and Stedman’s first time at Agape as well
What a “coincidence”


As soon as I saw  Oprah I couldn’t think straight for the rest of the services. It was all that was on my mind.

My mind started racing because I knew the hour glass was flipped and the clock was counting down.

I had to think fast on how in the world I was going to connect with Oprah.

Despite the fact she still had body guards with her, she was literally within just feet away from me, and being in a church, this was the place she’d most likely have her guard down the most,  So I had to act fast.

Then it hit me, the book! I realized that I needed a book to give her. I turned to the right where my friend Mena sat and quietly asked her when the services ended. She told me, “I think they’re wrapping up right now.”

I immediately jumped up out of my seat and abruptly made my way through the isle excusing myself every 2 seconds. I made  my way to the same entrance that I had  come in and started to jog to my vehicle, which was 3 parking lots over from the Church.

The new dress shoes that I had put on this morning looked amazing, but the back of the heels were digging into the back of my feet all day, so badly that I could barely walk. It was truly painful.

I knew I fighting was against the clock so I decided to suck it up and run on my tippy-toes all the way to my car.

I wish I could see a video of that because I probably looked like that Basilisk Lizard aka “The Jesus Christ Lizard”. The lizard that runs so fast on its hind leg tippy toes that it can literally run on top of water.

Nevertheless, I made it to my car and I started to sign  a book for Oprah and write a message inside the book for her.

At this moment it’s hot, I’m sweating, and my mind is on full-court press mode so I kept  messing up on the message. I was finally down to the last book I had with me so I did a little meditation grounding exercise, then signed  and sealed her copy for her.

As I started to make my way back inside the venue I noticed people starting to come out now.

I looked at my phone and not only did I see that services had just ended, but I saw  that my cell phone battery was only at 4%.


That would totally put a major dent in my plan if I wanted to get a photo with Oprah with my book as well, so I turned on the ”Jesus Jets” again and jetted back inside the same way I came out. I can now see everyone getting up and people beginning to rush Oprah with cell phone cameras in their hand and big smiles on their face.

I knew my window of opportunity was closing so I had to maneuver my way over to her without getting snagged by all of her security. I somehow managed to get within 5 feet of her but her 7 foot body guards had their arms spread wide like eagle wings, not letting anyone by.

As she made  her way toward the exit, I tried  to find a way to get her attention without looking or sounding like a crazy fan or mad man.

She was  continuously apologizing to people as she made  her way closer and closer toward the exit.

She was  now at the door and looked  back one final time, so I desperately try to think of something to say or do to get her attention.

I immediately opened up to the page in my book that I had dedicated to her and signed and held  it wide open so she could  see. She looked  directly at it as her body guards pushed her out of the door and then gave me the look like, “Sorry”.

Then someone she was with snatched the book out of my hands and said, “don’t worry, I’ll make sure she gets the book.” I’m not sure if I believed her or not, I couldn’t tell if I felt accomplished that I found a way to get my book in Oprah’s hands, or defeated that I didn’t get to meet her and give my book to Oprah myself.

As I made  my way back over to my friends they were  astatic telling me that they had seen me. They start asking me rapid-fire questions like,

“How did you get so close to her?”

“How did you know she was going out that door?”

“Did you give her your book?”…

I explained what happened and they were so happy for me.

But for some reason, I wasn’t completely satisfied.


I few moments passed as I felt  the rush and my window of opportunity closing out, then I looked under my chair and saw  another book. I guess I had brought one in and completely forgotten about it.

I then grabbed the book and knew what I had to do. I literally kicked open the emergency side entrance and did a Guinness book world record speed-walk the same path Oprah had taken  to leave.

I spotted her in the front of the building taking a picture with Michael Beckwith in front of the Agape sign where her Black SUV was parked.

Her truck was  running and I know there was  only a few more camera flashes before she would get in the SUV and dart off to her lavish lifestyle.

As fans frantically pushed and shoved to get over to her with cell phone cameras in their hands, I put mine in my pocket and put on a more serious face to match the body guards so they would think I belonged there or worked there or something.

Whatever type of shape-shifting thing I did, it worked!

I was incognito and made my way right to the front.

As Michael and Oprah finished taking their pictures, I was  literally having another conversation with the Universe the entire time, calling on all angelic, astral, and etheric forces of love and light to have Oprah walk my way so I could  make contact with her, give her my book, and hopefully get a picture with her.

They finished taking pictures and Oprah began  to search for a lane toward her SUV. Michael then looked  directly at me while she was  looking, and I looked directly at him.

Then I heard him say.. “Hey Kurtis, did you blah blah blah blah blah?” I literally could not make out the words of what he said.

So I used “word alchemy” and pretended that he said what I wanted him to say, “Hey Kurtis, do you have a book to give to Oprah?”.

So after he said whatever he really said, I then looked over to Oprah with my book in my hand as she looked directly at me and said, “Yes of course, I have the book right here for her”.

Oprah looked  slightly bewildered, probably saying to herself “Who the heck is this guy?” She then started  walking toward her SUV, but coming directly towards my direction.

Taking full advantage of this moment I made  contact with Oprah, introduced myself, pulled out my book and gave it to her. As I pulled out my cell phone to take the most priceless selfie in my lifetime, I immediately noticed that my cell phone battery was  now at 1%. Oh boy! Wasting no time, I tried to snap a photo.

The moment I pressed the snap button, guess what happened? Yup! My phone died! So much for that! Again, disappointed  that I didn’t get a pic, but feeling a little better now that Oprah knew  who I was  and SHE HAS MY BOOK! Yay! I’ll admit, I was feeling pretty good.

My friends saw  it all and were quite impressed by my level of tenacity. As we made  our way back to our cars I saw  Michael Beckwith on the way and I thanked him.

He then told  me, “Hey I was looking through you’re book last night. It’s really well done, you did a great job with it and you got all the ‘good stuff’ in there!”

I thanked him again for inviting me as I made my way back to my car so eager to plug in my cell phone and  see if I managed to get the picture off before my phone died. As the car charger charged up my phone it felt like the longest 5 minutes EVER!

The phone finally charged up so I powered it on and then looked in my camera roll to see if the photo was there, and WHOOP THERE IT IS! Mission accomplished! The picture was there.

I was able to meet Oprah, give her TWO copies of my book, AND take a picture with her


Considering a good chunk of my book really explains the law of attraction in detail, I was very conscious and aware what was happening during this time.

This  is why when I gave the book to Oprah’s associate, having had  no photo or introduction with Oprah, I wasn’t fully satisfied. I knew one day I would manifest the presence of Oprah and give her my book.

I just didn’t know how or when that would be. But I also know that the Universe only meets us half way and presents us the opportunities we truly desire. However, it’s up to us if we choose to seize those opportunities to the greatest capacity, or not.

The choice is sincerely ours. I have to emphasize that “What” we want in life is indeed up to us, but “how” and “when” we receive what we want-is not!  This  can be a very good thing. As you read in the very first paragraph of this article, I was a little disappointed that I would have to fly home early and miss the opportunity to meet Stedman, with the “hopes” that he would give Oprah my book and I would one day meet her because of it.

But if you look at “how” the Universe methodically orchestrated the aforementioned events to unfold, you will see why “how and when” should never be up to us. Why so?

Because human beings tend to live in lack and limitation
and because of this we inadvertently sabotage our own manifestations

I would have never dreamed that I would meet Oprah on this trip in the fashion that I did. I would have never imagined that instead of meeting Stedman next week with the hopes of meeting Oprah, I would meet Oprah the next morning.

I would have never imagined that less than 18 hours after asking the Universe to give me a sign about taking my author and entrepreneur career  to California that I would meet Michael Beckwith from “The Secret”, and Oprah Winfrey within just one day of arriving in L.A., and at church of all places.

Now if that’s not a sign from above then I don’t know what is. You see, when we leave certain things up to the Universe, the Universe tends to manifest things for us much faster and far better than we could have ever imagined.

So it’s important to know what you want, and have trust and faith that the Universe will deliver just that (or better) at the perfect time.

Just remember, where you’re supposed to be is where you’re at, and where you’re at is exactly where you’re supposed to be! Have trust and faith in yourself and the Universe, and be sure to seize the moment when it arrives.



Kurtis Lee Thomas

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