Everyone needs a coach or a mentor. EVERYONE! All the greats from the CEO of Google, to Michael Jordan, to Jesus Christ himself had great teachers and mentors to help them along their path.

No matter how much they thought they knew or how good they thought they were, they always seemed to seek more knowledge and be better than they were the day before.

It’s been said that Denzel Washington still takes acting lessons to improve his craft. My coaching packages cater to the individuals who seek this same type of perfection and excellence in their quest for knowledge, truth, and transformation.

500 of the wealthiest, most successfully people in the world were interviewed to see what they all shared in common.

Here’s the top 7 traits of what was discovered:


1). Burning desire to achieve their dream
2). Obtained specialized knowledge
3). Very Decisive (92% of them were not born into wealth)
4). Very Disciplined
5). Practiced properly with a mentor (continued education)
6). Surrounded themselves with masterminds
7). Never Procrastinated

As you can see, I highlighted the one’s that pertain to coaching/mentoring, which is 3 out of 7. The other 3 traits can be taught. Therefore the only trait you need to currently have is common trait #1, a “burning desire”. And chances are if you are reading this right now you’re already on the path and you’re ready to invest in yourself and your success!

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They say 10% of your gross revenue should go to further educating yourself (books, seminars, coaches, mentors, etc.) However I broke this rule because I spent more than 4 times this amount every year educating myself, hiring coaches, buying workshops, courses, certifications, etc. to further my education.

I had an insatiable appetite for knowledge and knew that if I could learn from people who already did what I’ve been trying to do, I’d be able to fix my thinking process and dissolve any unhealthy beliefs that may have held me back in order to make my success be inevitable. This investment in myself was the greatest decision I ever made.

I’ve been blessed with learning from some of the best coaches, mentors, gurus, and shamans around the world, and my goal is to share everything I learned with you, step by step.

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One-on-one coaching with Kurtis Lee Thomas – only 10 spots available.

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