Orgone Crystal Pyramid (Selenite)


Orgone Crystal Pyramid (Selenite) with a Clear Quartz pointed crystal in the capstone with an added Tesla coil (SB coil) to amplify the energies. Scroll down for more info on the amazing crystal properties in this pyramid.

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SELENITE: Selenite is said to have the highest and purest vibration of all earth crystals and doesn’t need to be cleansed like other crystals do. In fact, Selenite will cleanse and charge other crystals you put around it. Selenite is connected to the crown chakra and brings in higher states of consciousness and higher guidance (telepathy), clarity of mind, purpose, and helps eliminates confusion. Selenite Pyramids are famously used in feng shui because they create a protection grid around the house when placed in the 4 corners of the home. They are protectors because they deter outside influences from getting in (the house or the mind). It’s a very calming stone with a sense of deep peace which makes it great for meditation and spiritual work (cleansing the aura).

CLEAR QUARTZ (upgrade):  This Selenite Pyramid comes upgraded with a clear quartz crystal in the capstone of the pyramid. Quartz is a deep soul cleanser and is said to be one the most powerful healing and energy amplifiers on the planet. Quartz contains every color possible and stores/absorbs, releases and regulates energy better than any other crystal. Quartz will energize other crystals you put around it and can help one align their energetic bodies and release blockages because quartz takes energy to the highest/most perfect state possible. Holding a piece of quartz in your hand will attune you to your spiritual purpose, double your biomagnetic field, and give you access to a vast spiritual library.

SIZE: 3 or 4 inch diameter


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