If you’re an entrepreneur, a hustler, salesperson, businessperson, or a visionary, who just can’t seem to reach the monetary success you know you deserve, then you may want to stick around and read this through.

If you are a millionaire looking for new tips and tricks to make more millions, than a spiritual entrepreneur is not your category.

If you’re already monetarily successful and looking to find more meaning and fulfillment in life, then this page is for you.

Maybe you’re a reiki practitioner, a life coach, or a health and wellness coach, but you can’t seem to catch a break and can barely make ends meet.

Little doggy bones may be thrown to you here and there to keep you motivated…

But no real “big break” has ever came your way.

Deep inside you know you’re destined for greatness and can help many people, yet for some reason your outer reality isn’t matching your inner reality

Doesn’t the law of attraction state that one must directly reflect the other?

Well not if you’re a spiritual entrepreneur and you think you’re just an regular entrepreneur (like I did).

I struggled with this for so long and it took me forever to come to this realization, nevermind distinguish among the two.

I worked my butt off and gave my all every project I had.

I would get so close to breaking through, then EVERY TIME something would go wrong and things would go south

At times I would actually think I was cursed or something.

I think every successful person knows that “the money game” is definitely a game to be played in life, a big game!

What I didn’t know was that there are different rules to the game when you’re a spiritual entrepreneur versus just an entrepreneur, and these rules are what I plan on sharing with you in my newsletters.

Ever hear the phrase “the meek shall inherit the earth”?

Well, unfortunately greed has usurped the earth and the time has come for the meek to inherit the earth. Now this doesn’t mean the poor, or the dumb will inherit the earth.

This saying really means the ones who act out of love and not greed will inherit the earth. But you still need sharp business acumen mixed with good intentions in order play this game the way it was intended.

Currently the big corporate executives and world leaders have developed an insatiable appetite for control and power. The world has fell below a certain level of consciousness and divine intervention is now in place.

Soon the financial pyramid scheme we call life will be flipped upside down and this power will be returned to the people.

The ones who will flourish in this new paradigm will be the spiritual entrepreneurs who know the rules to game and know how to play it, and this is what I want to share with you. So, lets start this relationship off right.

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This should give you a good start for the information to come.

Let me know what you think.

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