online-trainingEveryone needs a coach and a mentor.


All the greats from the CEO of Google, to Michael Jordan, to Jesus Christ himself had great teachers and mentors to help them along their path.

No matter how much they thought they knew or how good they thought they were, they always seemed to seek more knowledge and be better than they were the day before. It’s been said that even Denzel Washington still takes acting lessons to this day in order to improve his craft.

The Awakeners Academy caters to the ones who seek this same type of perfection and excellence in their quest for knowledge, truth, and transformation. The Awakeners Academy offers pertinent information that wasn’t taught to us by our parents or our teachers; valuable information that’s now available to you at the tips of your fingers and just a click away.  CLICK HERE to Learn More

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The Awakeners Academy
SECRETS OF THE MIND; The Art of LIMITLESS “Thought Hacking”

“He who controls his own thoughts controls his own destiny.” ~ Ross Arntson

Imagine if you were in full and total command of your thoughts at all times. Just imagine how empowering that would feel to know that whatever life threw at you that you could handle with grace and ease. But more importantly, imagine how it would feel to wake up everyday knowing how to “thought hack” and create the life you want and deserve—instead of just being a victim of life’s circumstances. This course will put you back in the driver’s seat of your own destiny and teach you the processes of the mind and how to reverse engineer your thoughts in order to reprogram your brain for success and true inner happiness. Life is a choice. Control your mind, or let your mind control you. What’s it gonna be?


The Secret Key To Manifesting

The Awakeners Academy

“It’s time to start working smarter—instead of harder”

Ah, “The Secret”! The law of attraction (LOA) is undoubtedly the most powerful law in the universe, and just like the law of gravity, it is a consistent force that is ALWAYS in full effect, with no exclusions or exceptions! But how do we actually use this law and make it work for us? Many people may have read books like The Secret, or maybe taken some classes and workshops on this topic. Yet why is it that these same people struggle with manifesting when they know the power of this universal law? Unfortunately, many people misinterpret this law’s simplicity and either over complicate it or misuse it thinking that just thinking positive thoughts alone will part the seas for them. Although positive thinking is one of the primary ingredients in exercising this universal power to act on your behalf, this is only the “tip of the iceberg”. This course will show you whats beneath that iceberg that many won’t tell you.
In this course I thoroughly explain the law of attraction in such a way that will finally make perfect sense to you. Your new understanding of the LOA will allow you to easily and effortlessly apply it in your everyday life so you can shed the past and watch yourself manifest the life you want and deserve right before your eyes!


These online training courses were created with the sole purpose of saving our students the most valuable, precious commodity and resource known to mankind… TIME!

Instead of the book reviews that traditional teachers assign in college, we assign short videos with mini pop quizzes, and host open discussions every month about the topics in each course to make learning fun.

Our team of professional researchers have spent tens of thousands of hours vetting the endless amount of educational videos that have been uploaded to the world wide web in each particular category. We’ve compiled the best of the best, from the best of the best and put it in one convenient place for you, saving you time, energy, and aggravation.



1. The information provided in our videos must be supported by some type of scientific evidence or case study.

2. The information provided must be factual, not theoretical or based upon assumptions unless the information is philosophical coming from a highly credible source.

3. All videos must be very comprehensive, short, “sweet”, and right to the point! No more wasting two hours of your time watching a YouTube video only to find one or two gems throughout the entire lecture. Our video choices are Gold mines packed with knowledge and have extremely valuable content worth sharing and discussing.


When we finally begin to wake up to the fact that we are the ones responsible for our own success and happiness in life, a new reality starts to kick in as curiosity and consciousness go to work! Our reality then begins to shift as old friends, habits, and beliefs systems begin to fade. All of a sudden, an insatiable appetite for knowledge, wisdom, and TRUTH begins to rumble in the belly of your soul. This is commencement of your Awakening!

THE PROBLEM: When searching for truth we soon realize there’s just so much information out there that we don’t know where to start, or even what to search for exactly. The internet is loaded with endless amounts of information and disinformation that can be a dangerous deterrent to our path. Our time is valuable and it can be very time-consuming and frustrating sifting through countless hours of content searching for those life-changing “gems” of wisdom that have the ability to shift our consciousness and create real change. This avalanche of information on the web is intimidating, especially if you don’t know where to start, or who or what to search.

It can easily become a part-time/full-time job trying to unlearn all the crap we’ve learned all these years in order to deprogram ourselves from all of our unhealthy belief systems that are holding us back in life. Once we discover that we are in control of our own destiny, it becomes essential to start rewiring ourselves for success in order reclaim our power in this our world.

But where do you start? Where do you find the time? What do you search? Who do you believe? What’s true and what’s not? These are the problems and the questions most people have when they begin this inevitable journey, and this is the sole purpose The Awakeners’ Academy was born into this world!

THE SOLUTION: The Awakeners Academy strategically handpicks each video in every course carefully with a multifaceted purpose for our students. This purpose is to create convenience and give direction so we can save our students time, energy and the aggravation of searching through frivolous content. This is why we put everything they need to awaken—all in one place! The content we choose is designed to help them awaken into a completely new reality filled with passion, purpose and power! We also host LIVE webinars discussing the course content to help solidify and increase their learning retention.

At The Academy we know our student’s ultimate goals are to reach financial independence and obtain mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual liberation—so they can be the absolute best version of themselves. Helping our students find inner peace and joy through transformational truths is what we do best. Nothing is more fulfilling for our students and our teachers when we witness a metamorphosis of one’s consciousness and watch them step into their power and reclaim their world.


“Information without application is just conversation”

The Awakeners Academy conducts short quizzes on each video for two main reasons:

1. Numerous studies have been conducted proving that information which is applied after learning (via quizes or exercises) is 50% more likely to get solidified in the subconscious mind. In addition, making learning fun with discussions and group sharing increases this percentage conversion even higher. Which is why at The Academy we always host a special Q&A session with the Teacher and all the students in the class to share and review certain topics (see Q&A below).

2. After you complete any course in The Academy, you will be presented an Official Certificate of Achievement for completing the course and passing all the pop quizzes and the Final Review.



Our course cartificates are more than just a fancy piece of paper. Internal course credits will be given upon completion of each course with a Certificate of Achievement. A student who posses enough course credits within our system of academic achievement will automatically qualify them as a group leader and a candidate to become an official teacher at The Awakeners Academy.

Graduates of The Academy will be notified before the public when any new positions open up. The Academy will pay you to host our classes and co-teach our courses, or even hire you to create your own!

Students who graduate from the 8-week course will be initiated into The Awakeners™ and will receive ‘super special’ benefits. Some of the perks include special prizes, gifts, special offers, members only access to exclusive retreats, huge discounts and savings on products, services, and spiritual weekend getaways!


The information The Academy teaches is extremely valuable because most of the information we teach is not found in school textbooks or taught in traditional courses. We also host a monthly Q&A webinar for all of our students to join in on. This growing community is a priceless tool and a breath of fresh air for all of our awakeners on the path to enlightenment and financial freedom.


  • Find vetted information centralized and condensed
  • Save enormous amounts of time and energy
  • Have new tools and strategies that you can apply to your life today
  • Obtain clarity and further understanding on popular topics
  • Increase your learning/information retention
  • Optimize your health and increase your wealth using these tools and strategies.
  • Be a part of group discussions on complex topics
  • Realize that positivity, success, and happiness are a choice.
  • Realize that YOU are in control of your life
  • Learn how to take back your Power
  • Be a part of a community where you can ask questions and get answers
  • Always have someone to turn to along this path
  • and much more…

At the end of every course the teacher will host a class reviewing all the content including tips, tricks, and practical tools for the students. These are life long tools specifically designed from the best in their field to create REAL CHANGE that the students can take home with them and apply in their everyday life and start seeing immediate results.

Official Self-Hypnosis MP3 Downloads

Each course comes with a custom guided meditation/self-hypnosis script that specifically targets the information that was taught in the course. This tool will help melt away any unhealthy thoughts and belief systems in order to create more uplifting thoughts that match your new vibration and frequency. Why do we this this? Because new thoughts create new habits, and new habits create new experiences, and new experiences create a new life! This Mp3 download will help restructure and rewire the neuropathways in the brain that will super-enhance your learning retention and help solidify what you just learned.

Every month there will be a Q&A Meeting of The Minds Mastermind session with the teacher and all the students discussing any topics within all the courses. This Q&A is very interactive and laid back. The teacher leaves time at the end of each session for a “circle share” encouraging students who wish to share any powerful personal experiences with the class. Students can also present any problems or difficulties they are experiencing and receive advice from the teacher or other class members.

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The Awakeners™

The Awakeners™ are a group of people, like you and I, who are awakening to their purpose and are now on a mission! Our mission is to awaken the rest of humanity to their gifts, talents, and abilities. This mission involves gathering an army of like-minds to help enlighten humanity and raise worldwide consciousness by shining light on global crises using various means of media, blogs, vlogs, special events, charitable drives, and various educational workshops.

Awakeners “think different” and wish to share their vision with the world. It is our vision to lead the world into the Golden Age of peace and prosperity by sharing suppressed truths, showing new ways, and providing the most accessible and comprehendible information of TRUTH, regarding human affairs, while unifying all races and religions.

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