Let me guess…

Something strange is happening or has happened to you that’s causing you seek deeper truth in life?

Or maybe you have a “crazy” friend or family member who’s been trying to tell you all these obscene things about government conspiracies, GMO foods, fluoride in the water, chemtrails, illuminati, extraterrestrials, new world order, 9/11, etc etc.?

And what may have previously seemed just borderline INSANE and unpatriotic, is actually, strangely, beginning to make more sense the more attention you give it.

“The Truth is stranger than fiction.” ~ Mark Twain

Slowly but surely, your reality is twisting and bending as you hold on for dear life, until one day you break and realize that you’ve been lied to this entire time as you discover that there’s just so much to learn now.

You now seek something, one thing, and one thing only…TRUTH!

You want to know the truth, and you want to know it all.

The good and the bad, the believable and the unbelievable.

You have questions like,

  • who am I really?
  • Why am I/we even here?
  • What’s really going on in the world?
  • What’s really going on “up there”?

You don’t care anymore, you’re just sick of being lied to and need to know what’s really going on in the world and what you can do about it

Well, I’ve been on this emotional rollercoaster that you’re currently on, and I am here to tell you that…


This road to truth is a very bumpy road and can get very dark and feel hopeless at times. But you need to know you are far more powerful than what you’ve been told and that there’s a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

There is something VERY important that “they” aren’t telling you.

This “something” is forbidden knowledge that can barely be found on the internet, and even the greatest truth seekers and “conspiracy theorist” know nothing about it.

This information is what saved my life, and my sanity

This pertinent information is what gave me hope.

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This information is what I share with you in my book THE WORLD IS (y)OURS.

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