Corporate Mindfulness Trainer Kurtis Lee Thomas Is Helping Companies Level Up Through Breathwork and Breakthroughs!

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Kurtis Lee Thomas, known as the “Man from the Stars,” is a world-class keynote speaker and corporate mindfulness trainer. Since discovering the effects of an ancient breathwork technique that single handedly saved his life, he has dedicated his career to awakening the best in people by helping them access their subconscious mind as well, which he states “is where all the magic resides”. As such, he has founded Breathwork Detox Inc. and leads corporate mindfulness training, as well as mindfulness retreats worldwide, to help both individuals, teams, and companies perform at their highest level.

Kurtis initially discovered the breathing technique after suffering from a gastrointestinal condition that caused him brain fog and depression. After visiting countless doctors and losing tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills, no one could figure out how to cure him. It was not until discovering this ancient breathing technique, that he was able to find relief. Overnight, his condition was eradicated, and Kurtis found the energy and clarity he needed to discover  his true purpose. He exited all of his companies and is now fully dedicated to sharing this unique breathing modality with the world. 

Since then, Kurtis has worked with and spoken at some of the largest consciousness expositions in the world, as well as top colleges, multiple Fortune 500 companies like Nike, and some of the world’s most prestigious casinos such as Foxwoods/MGM Grand Casino. He is a celebrity mentor and one of the top corporate mindfulness trainers. He is the author of best-selling books “The World is Yours, The Secrets behind “The Secret,” as well as “Breathwork Detox – How to Thrive in The Age of Anxiety.” 

“Unlike other mindfulness techniques, the results of Breathwork Detox are immediate from just one session. That’s important for the microwave society we currently live in, where everyone wants to see instantaneous results-now! There’s nothing out there that can get a team into flow-state faster and more effectively than the process I take my clients through. Breathwork Detox is by far the easiest and most effective way to achieve this and gain a competitive edge,” shares Kurtis. 

Kurtis states, “In today’s day and age, companies are losing many of their top employees due to mental and emotional health issues that go unbeknownst to upper level management. Kurtis refers to our generation as “the age of anxiety.” With statistics backed by the World Health Organization (W.H.O). As such, it is necessary for companies to start to invest more into effective mental and emotional health initiatives to keep their teams sane and happy. By bringing Breathwork Detox into the corporate world, it has drastically enhanced team building in the workplace, along with a new sense of clarity, creativity, and connection. Kurtis raises consciousness and mindfulness in the workplace that helps elevate employees, which in turn elevates the entire company of the clients he works with. 

This year, Kurtis will be expanding Breathwork Detox programs into new international markets. At the same time, he will be continuing to offer custom curated retreats, which are key for a company’s growth. Especially during a time when many people are working virtually and anxiety, depression, and suicide are at their highest, it is important for companies to bring their employees together so they can have real human interaction and connection. 

“Access to coaches and therapists is great, but deeper work needs to be done. More potent strategies, modalities, and support need to be offered that will help teams thrive during these times. Although times are difficult right now, it’s actually a time of great opportunity, innovation, and growth if capitalized on, and those are the companies I wish to work with,” states Kurtis. 

Learn more about Kurtis Lee Thomas by visiting his website. He is also available on Instagram here

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