Some of you may have clicked this link just to see what the heck this superhero stuff is all about.

Others may have clicked this link because they feel similar to what I have felt my entire life, that there’s more to them than what they’ve been experiencing or have been told.

I’ll delve deeper into this in a moment.

First I want to share a short story with you. 

I came across a shaman once who asked me the simplest question I’ve ever been asked in my life, but I couldn’t answer her question at that time.

I tried, and froze.

I thought I knew the answer but I didn’t.

My mouth opened but nothing came out.

The same question she asked me,
I will ask you now…


“Besides your name, WHO ARE YOU?”

Pause and really think about this for a moment.

When I ask people this question, most people try to immediately define themselves by stating their job or occupation, but that’s not who we are, that’s what we do.

Others tend to identify themselves by saying, “I’m a mother”, “I’m a father”, “I’m a sister”…

What we do changes, but who we are does not…

So you may be thinking, who am I really then?

Well let me tell you…

You are much more than what you could ever imagine!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”
~Marianne Williamson

I always felt like I had some type of power or hidden abilities inside of me, I just didn’t know what they were exactly or how to use them.

I always felt there was something inside of me that was better than who I was, but I just couldn’t connect with it, whatever “it” was.

I knew there was greatness somewhere deep in me but I had no clue how to tap into that aspect of myself.

It wasn’t until I spiritually awakened and began studying with shamans and “gurus” across the globe that I was able to learn who I really was and what I was truly capable of.

I eventually learned who and what “it” really was as well.

“It” was my higher-self, my alter-hero,
a.k.a. my inner superhero, that was clamoring to be awakened

What’s an “Alter-hero” you may be asking? 

Have you ever heard of someone having an “alter ego”?

You may have heard of this but never truly understood it. So let me explain so you can better understand what I mean when I say “learn how to awaken your inner superhero” a.k.a. your “alter-hero”.

Before I teach you how to awaken your inner superhero, you must know the difference between your alter-hero and your alter-ego so you know what power you are tapping into.

A lot of big name celebrities have disclosed their alter-egos identity, even sharing their alter-ego’s name with the public. Some have even credited that aspect of themselves to their success (which I will get into).

I’m referring to celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, and Jay-Z, just to name a few of the many who have exposed their “secret” identities. Beyonce’s alter-ego’s name is Sasha Fierce, Nicki Minaj’s alter-ego’s name is Roman, and Jay-Z’s alter-ego name is Cashmere Brown.

Now don’t get confused of the many ‘nicknames’ these same celebrities have such as Hov, Jigga, J-Hova, Jiggaman, Lucky Lefty, Iceberg slim, etc. (the many names of rapper Jay-Z).

Cashmere Brown is an actual aspect of Jay-Z that becomes him by overtaking his thoughts, words, and actions at that time, it’s not just a fictitious nickname. The same with alter-egos Roman and Sasha Fierce.

As Nicki says, Roman lives inside of her and was “awakened” just a few months ago from the date of that interview.

Beyonce says she could actually feel Shasha Fierce “come into her” so she could perform.

These alter identities are actually beings/spirit energies that are very real and influential.

So in order to truly awaken your inner superhero, you must understand what I’m about to share with you

Although it may sound cool to develop and strengthen a relationship with your alter-ego, I must candidly warn you that the alter-ego may not have the best human characteristics nor be in your highest and greatest good, although it may seem that way at first.

There are serious consequences in life when you decide to build a relationship with your alter-ego rather than your alter-hero. Hanging around and always counting on your alter-ego to help you out is like hanging around a bad group of friends (trouble-makers, thugs, etc.).

It may seem fun and cool at first but it’s inevitable that one day these same people you thought were your friends will stab you in the back and get you in serious trouble. Their ultimate goal isn’t to help you out at all. These lower-functioning aspects have their own hidden agenda, and that’s to make you their puppet.

This is why I refer to the alter-ego as “your inner villain”.

Finding out who your inner superhero is, who you truly are, and why you’re really here is a bit of a process, especially for the people whose mission and purpose have been thwarted and masked by success, money, or fame.

So if you’re not super rich or famous yet, you can be glad that you haven’t built your empire upon the wrong foundation.

And if you are already super rich and famous and haven’t felt genuine fulfillment in life or inner peace and joy yet, then you came to the right place.

“I think everybody should get rich and famous
and do everything they ever dreamed of
so they can see that it’s not the answer.’ ~ Jim Carrey

Albeit this path to self-realization is a bit of a process, but it’s a very doable process, which is why I am here to help you, ALL of you.

I have dedicated this web site to teach you all the hidden truths of this world and how you can reclaim your true power and become the best version of yourself (the real you).

The part of you that shows up in life extremely confident, courageous, and fearless.

The aspect of you that truly feels like a hero and gets joy out of helping others.

The same aspect of you that’s operating when you find yourself “in the zone”, and feel unstoppable.

Isn’t that what you want? Think of how it would feel if you could call in the highest-functioning aspect of yourself at any given time?

How would that feel knowing you could turn on your “Mojo” whenever you please?

How much better would the quality of your life and confidence level increase? Well, there are key steps you need to take and crucial things you must understand about yourself before you can commence such a radical path to truth and transformation.

The first thing you must understand is that there is a hero in all of us. Literally!

This hero is what I refer to as your “inner superhero”. However, we must remember that we still live in a world of duality where there’s always two sides to the coin: light and dark, cold and hot, good and bad.

Consequently, every beacon of light casts an equal shadow of darkness.

Therefore, every hero has an arch-nemesis; its equal counter part that’s commonly referred to as “the ego”, and what I refer to as our “inner villain”; that little voice in our head that tries to seduce us into making poor decisions, justifies all our wrong-doings, and deceives us into thinking that we are anything less than amazing spiritual beings with great purpose.

So in order for you to understand how to awaken your inner superhero and become the best version of yourself, you must understand a few key truths that are pivotal to this process for your better understanding.

One of those truths I need to briefly share relates to the body, mind, and the spirit communion.

The human mind is simply a tool for us,
a tool that can be sharpened or dulled,
used for good or used for bad.
A tool that we can control,or it can control us (if we don’t learn it)

The human body is the vessel for our mind and spirit, and the spirit is the aspect of us which we’ve been the most misinformed about and probably know the least about. Many people think that humans have a body with a soul in it. Although this is true, there is more to it than just this.

We actually have multiple aspects of our soul that live within us and around us. These aspects impulse and influence us. Each aspect of us has certain personality traits, mannerisms, along with specific gifts, talents, and abilities.

Some of these aspects of our soul are living within us, while others are waiting to come in, or waiting to leave. Some of these aspects are lower-functioning aspects and some are higher- functioning aspects, and we have the choice to “call them in”, or demand an exodus for any aspects that aren’t serving our highest and greatest good. But you must understand “who’s who” first.

The lower functioning aspects of our being, commonly referred to as the ego (inner villain), are selfless and motivated by pride, praise, fame, greed, envy, jealous, hate, anger, and lust. These aspects tend to service the self and thwart our greater mission of service to others and humanity.

The higher-functioning aspects of our being, commonly referred to as the higher-self (our inner superhero), are motivated by love, charity, kindness, humility, honor, patience, liberality, diligence, and heroism, and are here to help fulfill our greater mission and purpose on this planet, thus leading us to a life of true inner happiness and fulfillment.

This is why when celebrities, or extremely successful people, decide to invoke the presence of their “alter-ego” to gain fame and fortune instead of their “alter-hero”, they pay the consequences for it down the line, unbeknownst to them.

These people may seem happy on the outside,
but they are really being tormented on the inside
lacking true fulfillment and inner peace

Just look at all the celebrities miserable, lashing out, committing suicide, or fighting strong hardcore drug addictions.

When you have true inner peace and happiness you’ll never need such harsh drugs to escape reality. You mustn’t let the facade or the glitz and glamour ever fool you.

What you see…
isn’t necessarily what it really is

Like the saying goes, “even salt looks like sugar.”

True inner peace and happiness is where we are all heading, it just takes time, patience, and knowledge of self.

Have you ever had a friend or someone you knew who experienced a really bad trauma in life, and since then they never been the same?

Do you want to know why?

You may have even heard them say, “I don’t know, I just don’t feel the same anymore. I feel like I lost a piece of me.”

Well, this is exactly why they feel that way. They actually lost an aspect of their soul and are feeling the postpartum.

If a woman can feel deep depression from losing a child they carried for 3-9 months, imagine how you would feel if you lost an aspect of YOUR own soul. In shamanism they call this “Soul fragmentation”, and there are ceremonies, healing, and invocations that will heal those aspects of you that left so you can call them back in your being to feel whole again.

Many people are are feeling depressed, disconnected, and lost right now, and can’t figure out why.

What did they lose to feel lost?

What are they “Disconnected” from?

They are disconnected from their soul. This is why they feel the way they do. They aren’t playing the game of life with a full deck and they need to connect back with their soul and call in the higher-functioning aspects of themselves so they can go back to kicking ass.

On the contrary, have you ever heard the stories of the man or woman coming out of surgery upon awakening, and then all of the sudden they have new gifts and abilities?

I remember watching a video of one guy who woke up from a coma and started speaking Mandarin fluently. There was another lady who bumped her head and went unconscious, and upon awaking she discovered that she could play the piano like a life-long professional and she had never even touched a piano her entire life.

You can YouTube these instances online and you will find out this happens more often than you think. So how and why does this happen, you may be wondering?

The short answer is, new aspects of their soul were able to come into them, and like I mentioned before, these aspects come with their own gifts, talents, and abilities.

But why did they have to go unconscious first to experience this natural phenomena? Well, they didn’t have to.

For those people who aren’t aware of the possibilities of such abilities, the mind can only handle what it knows because it’s very hard for the mind to undergo such a radical change/shock without being knowledgeable of the process. Otherwise you would “freak out” and your friends or family would want to stick you in a psych ward where they would most likely diagnose you with something you probably didn’t even have.

Therefore, the majority of the soul aspects entering and exiting our being are done when we sleep or when we are unconscious, because it’s much safer for psyche.

For the people who don’t have to go unconscious to do this, they know their power and use it to their advantage.

It’s up to you
to become the best version of you.

It’s up to you to release the lower-functioning aspects of your ego personality that no longer serves you, and it’s up to you call in the highest-functioning aspect of yourself in order to awaken your inner superhero.

Get Your

(If you want to see some high-level soul mastery and actually watch someone transform into their inner superhero, you can watch YouTube videos of Darryl Anka a.k.a Bashar, or Ester Hicks a.k.a Abraham).

I have to point out the irony behind this article. The truth is I am not a writer, or an author, or a speaker, and I never was. I was never on the debate team or got a scholarship for literature, or straight A’s in English class.

In fact, I was absolutely horrible at grammar and I didn’t even feel comfortable in my own skin for the longest time, never mind public speaking. Public speaking is actually the #1 fear in this world, with death being #2. Now that’s pretty interesting.

Now I’m on my way to having the #1 best-selling book and I’ve spoken at fortune 500 companies and some of the top universities in the world. So trust me when I tell you, I would have never dreamed this would be what I would be doing “when I grew up”.

It wasn’t until I learned what I’m sharing with you that I was able to call in these higher-functioning aspects of myself (my inner superhero) to help me along my path and achieve my greater life mission and purpose. Some of the information in my book

I didn’t even know that I knew until I read what I wrote. I couldn’t explain that if I tried. I guess writing and public speaking just happened to be some of “His” great strengths.

To best the best version of you, all you have to do is get in contact with your soul, your higher-self, which are both synonymous to your inner superhero. They have all the answers to everything you need to know and will guide you to do exactly what you have to do and take you exactly where you need to be.

Remember, you are far more powerful and magical than what you currently believe, so you mustn’t limit yourself to the dogma of this world or adopt any unhealthy beliefs systems that poison our minds and constrict our spiritual growth.

The great Nikola Tesla once stated, “It is hard to give unlimited to power to limited minds.” For those of you who may have never heard of Nikola Tesla, he is arguably one of the greatest minds to ever incarnate on this planet.

Albert Einstein was once asked in an interview, “How does it feel to be the smartest man in the world.” He replied, “I don’t know, you have to ask Nikola Tesla”. Tesla and Einstein had great respect for each other and they both knew how to tap into that quantum field of infinite potential.

This is where they were able to tap into their inner superhero (their higher-self) and get all the information they needed to fulfill their life mission and destiny.

This is why Einstein was said to receive all of his knowledge when he was meditating in his chair. This is the power you have… if you choose to invoke it. But first you must learn it.


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