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Growing up as an entrepreneur and a research junkie, I always read articles on meditation but never really understood all the hoopla. I was always one to seek power rather than peace. My entire life I struggled believing that you could only achieve this power one way, and one way only; through MONEY – and lots of it!

I soon realized that I had it all wrong. But it wasn’t until I became a certified hypnotherapist and began studying consciousness and the subconscious mind that I became aware “I’ve been played!”

Let me explain.

Meditation and the Right Brain

Meditation is the key to developing certain areas of the brain; areas that help us become more intuitive, imaginative, creative, and better connected to the universe. Albert Einstein, considered one of the greatest minds to have ever lived, was said to have struggled in his early school years. This was because Einstein was more of a right-brained thinker than a left-brained thinker. Einstein was never “taught” his theories and revelations. He received these insights and epiphanies on his own, while tapping into his subconscious mind during his meditations.

Einstein knew that there are two hemispheres of our brain that are responsible for different modes and manners of thinking. Left brain:logical, rational, details/parts, etc. Right brain: intuitive, integrating, imagination, holistic/big picture, etc. At one point Einstein even famously stated that “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. So if you agree that knowledge is power (as I do), just imagine how powerful our right-brain (where our imagination lives) really is!

Since adolescence, we are constantly taught to remember information in school that we’d never apply in the real world. We are bombarded with 95% of left-brain activities and school work, and with just one creative art class allocated every other week, we slowly disconnected from our intuition and lowered our consciousness (creativity and ability to see the bigger picture) without knowing.

12Meditate-400Like a muscle, the brain needs to be exercised in order to become stronger. Therefore, if you only exercise one part of your brain, then only one part will grow stronger while the other parts weakens. Why is this so important? It’s important because the right side of our brain is where the majority of our power lies — and is where our all-mighty subconscious mind resides. The subconscious mind is the place where all knowledge and infinite wisdom lies; it is the part of the mind that yields power and dominion over your physical body and your physical world. Hence the saying “mind over matter”.

Once I discovered one of the world’s greatest truths, that our outer world (career, spouse, etc.) is merely a reflection of our inner world (feelings, thoughts, emotions), I stopped chasing money, girls and things outside of myself, and began to focus on my most valuable asset — ME! I initiated the inevitable “inner work” needed for enlightenment and began meditating as a daily practice. Soon, I was better able to calm my thoughts, replace those thoughts with better ones, control my emotions, and heal all the internal wounds from letting life beat me up without fighting back.

As soon as my thoughts became healthy and my mind became wealthy – so did I!

You Don’t Have to be a Monk…

Just 15-minutes of meditation per day not only strengthens the right-side of the brain, improves your health, decreases your stress, enhances your creativity, it can also activate your psychic abilities and give you better access to your subconscious mind. This is the part of the mind that makes up 90% of who we are, how we think, what we believe, and how we behave.

You don’t have to be a Zen Buddhist Monk in order to meditate. It’s simple, start by sitting in silence for just five minutes a day; then slowly progress upward in five minute intervals until you can sit in this silence for approximately twenty to thirty minutes without jumping out of your skin. I believe once the majority of humanity awakens to these truths and learns how to consciously quiet the mind and tap into this enigmatic energy field, the world will change for the better — and faster then we could ever imagine!

~ Kurtis Lee Thomas


  1. I am really fascinated with your book thank you for your Insight. I wanted to know if there is any other tips to get better at meditating. I can’t seem to get the Mind chatter out of my head. I was also wondering if you were going to be in New England anytime to do a speaking event I would love to go..I live in Providence RI.

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